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Wire wrapped Moonstone ring,June Birthstone Ring ,Handmade adjustable ring

Wire wrapped Moonstone ring,June Birthstone Ring ,Handmade adjustable ring

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Channel the mystical allure of the moon with our handcrafted wire-wrapped moonstone ring featuring a Viking knot design. Each ring is meticulously crafted using intricate wire-wrap techniques, showcasing the ethereal beauty of moonstone. Embrace the ancient symbolism of the Viking knot while adding a touch of celestial elegance to your style. Elevate your look with this unique piece that captures the magic of the night sky and the spirit of Norse craftsmanship

Birthstone :June

****There are many ways to express love, we choose hand wrap the bead by bead seriously 

*****Because all the jewelry is purely handmade, all the beads need to be wound one by one, most of the frame and ear hooks are also made of metal wire, so it takes a lot of time, simple styles will take about 30 minutes, complex styles will take 4-8 hours to make, so please cherish these pure handmade jewelry, its price is not only calculated by the material. More time, technology and patience, I hope every friend who receives it will cherish it

*****The copper wire we use it the non-Tarnish quality,so even you wash the dishes,go swimming ,it is not a problem.

Shipping :
All items are made to order,it takes about 3-5days do handmade
Ship from CN to you takes about 2-3weeks on the way ,if you still not receive the parcel after 40days ,please feel free to contact us.

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